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From "Hardly Ever Say Hardly Ever Again", starring Mike Palermo as James Bland.

I have a whole lot more respect for the writers of James Bond screenplays in the Connery and Moore eras. It's tough to write funny gags when you know a third of your punchlines are going to be "Oh, James!"

I wrestled with the script for this one for hours, trying to figure out something that worked. When I finally got it written, I logged into SL to shoot it - and almost immediately got a Rolling Restart warning for the sim I was in. So I teleported to another, and got the same warning right away. And another, and another, and another and another, and then I got logged out, because I couldn't locate a sim that wasn't a part of the rolling restart in five minutes of trying. Frankly it was quite demotivating. Nevertheless, I came back rather a while later, and managed to get the strip done.

The scenery is the SS Galaxy, a three-sims-long cruise-liner.

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