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There is, of course, no police-department in Second Life. All enforcement is handled by Linden Lab. Despite that there are any number of people who will try to convince you that their group is the one true Second Life police-department, blessed and approved by Linden Lab. If you run into someone like that, file an abuse-report. There are also a number of police-groups that are pure role-playing. That's fine so long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else.

I had a long slog trying to locate the Bay City Police Department build that I have used for photography on a number of previous occasions. Bay City has changed so much, and I suspect the excellent PD build may have been razed in favour of rental property. A pity.

Instead, I visited a BDSM site that had a small police-themed setup for adult role-players. Many thanks go to Spiderkitten Mirabeau for coming with me and playing the part of the plaintiff. It simplified photography a great deal. It's always tricky doing comic work on someone else's build - rarely do you have the opportunity to dress the set with your own props, animations and work against green-screens.

Oh, the uniform is a Western Australian traffic police uniform that I bought from a store called Real World Uniforms.

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